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Claudia Cosio


Executive Producer and Content Producer with experience in feature films, documentaries, and short films; as well as special events, such as the International Film Festival in Mazatlán, where she served as executive producer.

As a producer and executive producer, she has worked on the feature films: Mentores (Jorge Díaz Sánchez, in post-production), Princesa, una historia verdadera (Oscar Blancarte, 2018), Hijos de la Ruta / Filhos da Pista (León Serment, in post-production), Crepúsculo Rojo (Carlos González Morantes, 2008), Polvo de Ángel (Oscar Blancarte, 2007) and Entre la Tarde y la Noche (Oscar Blancarte, 2000). These feature films have been released in the national box office and have participated in national and foreign film festivals; deserving of awards and recognition.

She has also been the executive producer of the documentaries: "Muerte, cuídame, porque sin mí, tú te mueres...", "El Arco del tiempo", "Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir". The short films: Jacqueline (ella dijo), Un boleto para soñar, Ondas hertzianas, Las moscas, Nos vieron nacer, Una mujer, Sonríe, Alfonso en Hawaii, El reloj, Noche de poesía, are some of the works in which she has participated.

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