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Family Secrets



Sergio, a rising chef, finds himself in a tight spot when he becomes indebted to a dangerous "partner". To free himself from his debt, he is forced to wear a home arrest bracelet and stay at the partner's mansion while he goes on his honeymoon. When the partner suddenly dies, Sergio and his "birthday gift" Sol try to hide the body and escape. The situation becomes complicated when Sergio's aristocratic family arrives to celebrate his 30th birthday.


In an attempt to distract them and open the safe, Sergio and Sol pretend to be a couple and offer the family a mysterious cocktail, which triggers a series of crazy events. But when the dead partner comes back to life and an angry jilted bride enters the scene, the family must come together to overcome adversity in a turbulent catharsis of lies revealed. During this madness... Sergio and Sol fall in love.

Secretos de Familia - ThemeOdilón Chavez
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